“Super Sonic Mighty Twins”

That’s what LD called the babies last night. 😉 I had to laugh, but it appears to be true. They are very strong and very healthy. This is a good thing. But it also means that LD is very sick and VERY huge! She sent a picture of her belly last night and MAN she’s big already. I don’t know how she’s going to grow for two more trimesters.

Oh, and yesterday LD was able to find both babies’ heartbeats with her doppler. One was around 130 and the other was around 150. I have to admit that when I read this I let out a little whoop! According to my mother (and lots of other women, but not scientific data) the heartbeat can help determine gender. For the last several appointments both babies’ heartbeats have been about the same (in the 150s). My mother’s comment was “Unless one slows down, you’ve got two girls in there!” (which she was excited about). Don’t get me wrong, I would love two girls just as much as any other combination. But for some reason I really had it in my head/heart that we have one of each and hearing that I might be wrong was disappointing. So when I heard the new heartbeats I got excited that it is still possible I am right! 😀 I have a feeling we’ll be finding out at our next appointment. I’m not sure that any of us can stand to wait any longer! (though we may be tempted to torture my mother a bit. 😉 )


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One response to ““Super Sonic Mighty Twins”

  1. Cathy Manor

    Maybe God had a hand in our unscheduled day off to help you out with your pumping activities.

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