Can we say stress?

I was gonna write a big, long update about today (which feels at least two days long), but I just spent the last hour on the phone with my mom and now I’m exhausted. So instead, you’ll get the condensed version…

Today I got a phone call from Dr. R’s office saying that he wants to do the surgery on Monday, but he wants a TEE done beforehand to decide if working on my pulmonary valve would be beneficial. Unfortunately, Dr. B (the one who will be doing the TEE) is booked this week. Dr. R doesn’t want to postpone the surgery any later than Monday, so he said to have the TEE done immediately before the surgery and they’d only put me out once instead of twice. I was told I’d be getting a phone call about times, but never did. I’ll try calling tomorrow, I guess.

And in the midst of fielding phone calls from various PAs I got a phone call from LD. She was feeling awful and throwing up everything she put in her mouth, so she had her mom take her to the ER where they discovered she has a virus, an upper respiratory infection, and a UTI. They gave her fluids and anti-nausea meds through an IV, then checked for the babies heart beats with a doppler, but couldn’t find them. They sent her to get an u/s and immediately found both babies wiggling and moving like nothing was going on. Below are the pics:



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