God (or Mother Nature) had other plans

We did not get to go to OK today. 😦 Partially because of the weather and partially because I didn’t get away from the doctor’s office until 6:00 PM. We saw Dr. W at 10 (we were taken back at 9, but he was delayed by the weather, we think).

At that point we knew we wouldn’t make it to OK, since we would have to drive much slower than usual and it would be pushing it to get there even without the weather complicating things. So when Dr. W said I would need to meet with the surgeon, Dr. R, and a cardiologist, Dr. B, we asked if it would be possible to see them today so I wouldn’t have to take another day off from work. They sent me down for an x-ray while they tried to set up those appointments.

While waiting for the x-ray we got a text from LD that she had rescheduled the OB appointment because the weather was getting worse. It’s now scheduled for Monday at 2:15.

When we came back from there (around 11:30) we were told we had an appointment with Dr. B at 2:00 and Dr. R at 4:30. We left to go eat lunch and swing by a book store so N could pick up a book to help pass the time. We got back to the office shortly before 2:00 only to find out that insurance won’t pay for two cardiologist appointments in one day (Dr. W and Dr. B). They didn’t seem to have a problem with seeing the surgeon, though. I asked if it was necessary to see Dr. B in order to get the surgery scheduled and the receptionist talked to Dr. B who said she would just talk with Dr. W and skip seeing me for now. We then had to wait to see Dr. R. At 3:45 we were taken back, which absolutely amazed us, since the appointment was for 4:30. However, we shouldn’t have been surprised that we didn’t actually see Dr. R until 4:45.

The appointment with Dr. R went well. He is going to try to get things moving along to get the surgery in during the holidays, but he wants some more data first. He’s thinking that as long as we’re opening me up, he wants to make sure there’s nothing else we could do to help me feel even better. In particular he’s thinking there might be a way to open up my pulmonary stenosis and ease some pressure in my ventricles. But before he makes that decision he wants to do a TEE. While I don’t particularly love the idea of having open heart surgery, if he says he recommends it, that’s what I’ll do. After all, I want to feel as good as I possibly can before the twins come.

So now I’m waiting for the TEE to get scheduled. Hopefully I’ll hear from them tomorrow. Oh! And he also wants to discontinue the IV antibiotics. So I plan to call Dr. H’s office tomorrow morning and let them know so I can go in the afternoon and get this PICC line removed! 🙂



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2 responses to “God (or Mother Nature) had other plans

  1. Lori Shugart

    I have a couple of questions. first of all, pulmonary stenosis. Exactly what would they be doing in this? I know it has to do with the heart and the lungs. Also, what is a TEE? But it does sound like this doctor is very thorough. Yes you do need to be as healthy as you can before the twins come. I agree with that.I am glad you are going to get off the IV antibiotics. I admire how well you do with all this. I know you are used to it but still. I don’t know how you keep up with all these doctors. I feel like this is a medical soap opera sometimes and maybe that’s why I enjoy reading this blog so much.So you don’t have a date yet but it sounds like the doctors are trying to cooperate with you, Hope Ladonna is feeling better tonight!

    • heartjourney

      TEE= Transesphogeal echo= they put a camera down my throat and take pictures of my heart from that side without ribs in the way.
      Pulmonary stenosis= narrowing of the pulmonary valve= not sure what they will do about it but one option may be a new valve in that place? When I asked he wouldn’t say.
      We DO have a date. Monday. Just read the post from last night. 😉
      Glad I can be entertaining! LOL

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