Surgery and lactation

The two have nothing to do with one another, but I will be writing about each in this post and couldn’t come up with a catchy title that went with both… Oh well.

To begin with, I got a call from Dr. W’s office this morning saying I needed to set up an appointment with them for tomorrow at 10. Um… Thanks for consulting me about this… I called and asked if it was possible to either have the appointment earlier in the morning, or today, since I need to be in Oklahoma by 1:30 and it’s a 3 hour drive. They were hesitant, but finally moved me up to 9 AM. As long as we’re out of there by 10:00 we should be okay (as long as the weather cooperates). I hope! Of course, there goes my plan to have lunch with LD! Hopefully I’ll find out when my surgery will be!!! At least I don’t have to get a separate sub for the appointment. I already had one lined up!

As for the lactation issue, I’m a bit down today. I started taking the domperidone for inducing lactation on Thursday of last week. I’d talked to my GP about it and that I wanted to start it on the 11th, but I didn’t hear back from him, so I just started it anyway. Well, I got a call from his office today saying “That drug you were asking about isn’t available in the US because it isn’t FDA approved because of how it effects the HEART.” 😦 I knew about it not being FDA approved, but I didn’t realize it was heart related…. So now, I’m guessing I shouldn’t take it. And I SO wanted to induce lactation… I know it may still be possible, without the domperidone, and I’m not going to give up completely, but I can’t say I didn’t get a little teary over the whole thing. Especially since I’d started taking it. I hope I didn’t do any damage to myself! I don’t think I did, but I can’t help wondering what kind of effect it supposedly has on the heart… Time to start researching again!

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One response to “Surgery and lactation

  1. Ann Seeton

    With all the love in your heart you will be a good and successful mother even if you use bottles and not the breast.

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