Have who and where…

Just waiting on the when.

I got a phone call from Dr. P yesterday (finally!) saying that the plan is to have the surgery at St. Paul with Dr. W and Dr. R. She told me to call Dr. W’s office to get the ball rolling (and why isn’t the ball rolling already, is what I’m wondering). I asked her if his office was going to have any clue what I was talking about when I call and she said they should. Well, the person I talked to didn’t, but she was very helpful and said “We’ll figure it out.” Somehow I AM in the system, even though they have a WAY old address and phone number listed. I have no idea where they got their information. Dr. P had said they have the files from the Mayo Clinic, but would need Dr. D’s contact info so they could get that file. I did give them both Dr. D’s and Dr. P’s phone numbers. The administrative assistant (the person I was talking to) said she’d look into it and get back to me on if I need to come in for a visit or if we could go straight to scheduling the surgery. I’m hoping we can just go straight to the surgery, but we shall see. Hopefully I’ll hear from them on Monday. If not, I plan to call. I need to get this show on the road if it’s going to happen during my break. I really can’t afford to take a whole week off from work for this (3 days in hospital and at least 1-2 at home for recovery).

As for pregnancy stuff, LD said she had her best day ever yesterday. The babies finally decided to be kind and she was feeling good all day. I’m praying they continue this track. Also, she is feeling something that she thinks MIGHT be baby movement, even though it seems like it should be way too early (11 weeks 2 days). She says it feels like a quick “thump” in the same spot every time. Not sure what it is, but if it’s baby, that’s so darn cool! I know I won’t be able to feel the babies move for quite some time, but at least she can have some reassurance if she can feel movement.

Our next appointment is on Tuesday. Not sure what Dr. K is going to do, but we hope we’ll get to see the babies again. I love getting all these pictures! 🙂 But I also want to hear the heart beat. LD said she didn’t think he’d do both, though. 😦 I reminded her that he DID say we could have an u/s any time we want and she said “I don’t think he thought we’d want one at every appointment.” I said “Well, that was silly of him!” LOL. I guess we’ll see on Tuesday. Only 3 more days!!! 🙂

Oh. And I think I must have pregnancy brain, even though I’m not the one that’s pregnant. Because I’ve been TERRIBLY forgetful. Last week I had the problem of forgetting various things concerning my IV antibiotics. This week I accidentally forgot to include my BCP in my weekly pill box, so I wound up starting my period yesterday because I’d missed two doses. The two doses from the first two days of my lactation protocol. 😦 I don’t think it’s going to cause a major problem, but I’m very mad at myself for being so absent minded. After all, I had the pills RIGHT THERE as I was filling my pill box! I don’t know how I missed putting them in. Oh, well. I should be back on track.



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2 responses to “Have who and where…

  1. Jamie

    Hey we will welcome you here in snowy/icey MN. Right now it is a balmy 1 above with a wind chill of -16. I guess what really matters is that you get yourself fixed up and ready for babies to arrive! Best wishes with getting this all lined up.


    • heartjourney

      Yikes! See, I knew I didn’t want to go to MN. 😉 I’ll be more than willing to go back in warmer weather (preferably NOT for surgery) just so I can eat at Newt’s again. That and the Canadian Honker. Yum! 😉

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