Checking in…

It’s been almost a week since my last post, so I figured I ought to check in. Especially after all of the comments people made at work about me not posting over Thanksgiving! 😉

This past week was Book Fair at school, so I’ve come home exhausted every day. Last night I started to fall asleep on the couch around 8 o’clock, so I went to bed at 8:30 (takes awhile to go through my night time ritual). I slept until 7:30! 😮 I got 11 hours of sleep!

Today is a busy day too. I’m meeting coworkers for our Pay It Forward plan (long story) at 10, then we are going to visit friends that we haven’t seen in 7 years at 5. At least tomorrow is pretty unplanned (though we are hoping to see my BIL play hockey tomorrow night).

Anyway, there’s not much new to report about the babies. LD took her last shot of PIO on Thursday, which made for a wonderful birthday present (her birthday was yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LD!!!). We don’t have another appointment until 12/16. I know we’re all anxious to see the babies again.

My aide at school has apparently been telling everyone about the twins. I had a parent say something to me about the twins and I said “How did you find out about that?” She said “Your aide told me. She’s very excited.” Nervously I asked “You do know I’m not pregnant, right?” She did. Whew! I don’t know why, but I’m very nervous about parent reactions. I haven’t had any negative reactions from anyone I know so far, but I’m worried that once kids start finding out and talking about it at home there might be some negativity from people who just don’t understand. I’m probably overreacting, but what you say to students is not always what makes it home to parents, you know. Who knows what they’ll say! I’ve been avoiding talking about it with any students, but I’m sure I won’t be able to hide it from them for long!

As for my surgery, I still don’t know anything. I’m still waiting to hear when and where it will be. I thought that Monday would be my last day of IV antibiotics, but when I went to see the Dr. on Thursday and told him I’d be having another surgery before the end of the month he said he might keep me on them until after that just to reduce the risk of infection setting in again. While I’m happy to take the precaution, I’m really ready to take a shower without my arm wrapped in plastic! 😉 Of course, the other advantage to keeping the PICC line in would be that they wouldn’t have to poke me again at the hospital. They can use the PICC line for both IV and blood draws! I sure like that idea. 😀


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