11/25 ultrasound pics!

Here they are:



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3 responses to “11/25 ultrasound pics!

  1. Lori Shugart

    I do see resemblance of thebabies in the pictures. That is neat. Gets better all the time! I am so glad all is fine and will only get better. Have fun again tomorrow with LD!

  2. Tera

    Too cute and how exciting it is to see your babies! Best money we ever spent while I was pregnant with Ainsleigh was the 3D sonogram. We could actually see her facial features and had some idea of what she looked like. Very cool thing. And oh, by the way, just a hunch here but I think you have 2 healthy baby boys growing in there. My hunches have been right 9 out of 10 times, I swear, it’s too weird. God help you if I’m right. Ya’ll have a Happy Turkey Day!

  3. heartjourney

    Really? Two boys, huh? Well, LD swears there’s at LEAST one girl in there, based on how she’s been feeling. Guess we’ll find out at some point! 😉

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