Back to work

I went to work today. Man, I’m tired! But I’m not sure what’s making me more tired. Getting back into the routine after being away for essentially 8 work days. Or maybe the stupid head cold I now have. 😛

Yes, I felt absolutely fine while in the hospital on IV antibiotics. But now that I’m out (and still on antibiotics), I feel like crap. How is that possible?? If I’m already on antibiotics, how did germs invade my body? Just doesn’t make sense. 😦

Oh, and I guess I should update with some new info. First of all, I went to the ID doctor’s office yesterday and picked up all the little bulbs of antibiotic that I will be giving myself between now and Monday (when I go in for blood work and to get more). I will, apparently, be taking the IV antibiotics for the next 3 weeks. Longer than I expected, but at least it’s not 6 weeks like last time?

On the way to that appointment I talked to Dr. P (I’d called her earlier, but that was when she called me back). At the time that I talked to her, she hadn’t yet heard from Dr. D. I explained what was happening and that we were going to have to go with an epicardial lead (on the outside of the heart). She said she would call Dr. S and get his take on things. I asked if she thought I’d need to go up to the Mayo Clinic to have the surgery. She said “Oh, no. I’m thinking local.” I said “Good. Because I really didn’t want to go to MN in December.” To which she replied “You know, come to think of it there’s a clinic in Hawaii… And if you go there you need your medical escort… And really, it will be a six month recovery period… Very rough, full of Mai-Tais!” LOL She cracks me up! I told her I was all for that choice. 😀 Anyway, she told me she’d try to get ahold of Dr. S, but couldn’t say how long it might take to get ahold of him. I said we had time, since I have to finish the antibiotics anyway, and I’d like to aim for Winter Break (she’d already thought of needing to get it done before the end of the year so I don’t have to start over on deductible!)

While I was still at the ID office she called again. Apparently shortly after we got off the phone, Dr. D called. AND she was able to get ahold of Dr. S and talk to him and he’s getting a team together to figure out when/where the surgery will happen and who will do it. I’m amazed at how fast that happened, given how long its taken on every step up to now. She did say that it may take awhile to make a decision, but at least I know that the right people are working on it already.

I go in to see Dr. D for a follow up on Tuesday morning, then N and I will be driving up to OK to see LD and the babies (OB appointment). So things are moving right along. I can’t believe it’s one week until Thanksgiving (which I’ll be spending with LD and her family and I’m SOOOO excited about that!!!).

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