I’ve made it through to the other side again! Yesterday was not pleasant, but today should (hopefully!) be better. Puking the entire lining of my intestines left me feeling kinda yucky. I’m pretty sure the nausea has worn off, but now I’m so hungry my stomach is starting to eat itself! I had to wait until 7 to order my food, sat on hold for a good 10 minutes, and now I’m waiting. Hopefully it’s decent.

So from what I understand the docs went for Plan B. They couldn’t reposition the existing wire, so they took it out and put in a new one through a different blood vessel. They did not have to resort to Plans C or D, thank goodness. I made it through getting out of bed around midnight without incident and continue to feel as if things might actually be in their proper places.

Interestingly, with the last three surgeries of this nature I was given a sling to wear on my left arm to prevent me from using it and possibly dislodging any leads. This time, however, There is some sort of velcro strap wrapped around my chest holding my upper arm to my side and providing gentle pressure over the incision site. I like this method much better, as it leaves my left hand free for typing or other useful things (perhaps eating later?). I would like to have someone reposition it so that the corner of the velcro isn’t aimed directly at my throat, but I’ve managed to maneuver things enough to prevent any major mishaps.

The plan is to go home today. N has an MRI scheduled for 11:30 today (for his back), so unless the docs get crackin’ early, I’m betting I’ll have to wait until after lunch for N to come get me and bring me home. That’s okay. If I recall correctly, this hospital has a pretty yummy portabella wrap. 😉

Thank you once again for all of the prayers. I know I frequently get more than my fair share, but rest assured I pray for all of you as frequently as I remember.


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