Surgery update

Well, I did NOT receive a phone call on Thursday from the nurse. 😡 At one I called to speak to the scheduler. Again she kept saying “Well, it’s not 100%.” I asked her “When WILL it be 100%?” Her response “Well I can’t see the future so I don’t know what will happen on Monday.” After a lot of going around and around I think I finally figured out that it isn’t a problem with anyone but HER. SHE has no clue how to phrase things to put a person at ease. She kept saying “Well in my mind it’s happening. It’s on my schedule, it’s on the hospital’s schedule, it’s on the doctors’ schedules. But I can’t tell you that it’s going to happen 100% because I can’t see the future” 🙄 .I told her over and over that she needed to find a new way of phrasing it because her words were making me very worried that it would not happen. I told her I KNOW that emergencies can arise and that she has no control over that. But I wasn’t asking about emergencies, I was asking about the schedule. She continued to use the exact same phrasing. :p Idiot.

I finally got so frustrated I just said “Fine” and got off the phone. Several hours later I realized she had never told me what TIME the surgery is scheduled for. So I called back, only to find out she’d left for the day. 😡 I told the receptionist “I need to know what time my surgery is scheduled for and what time I need to be at the hospital.” She said she’d go see. She was able to find me on the schedule and said the surgery is set for 1:00 and I need to be at the hospital at 11:00.

Yesterday I FINALLY heard from the nurse (while sitting in a waiting room in OK). Did he apologize about not calling? No. Did he mention what we’d talked about at all? No. He was only calling to tell me I needed to take lovenox (Um, shouldn’t he have said something when I talked to him WEDNESDAY??). I told him I was not in town and I wouldn’t be able to take any until I got home that evening. He was VERY lucky that I happen to already have some lovenox shots. Because there’s no way I would have been able to get any yesterday as the only pharmacy in the area that carries it would have been closed before we got home from OK. Since I was in a waiting room I didn’t feel comfortable telling him off the way I wanted to. So he lucked out there too. But the fact that he was calling and getting me on lovenox seemed like a pretty good sign that things are going to happen.

The best sign of all, though, came around 3:00 yesterday. The hospital called to verify that I knew when to be there. Whew! So they DO know I’m coming. And when I see my Dr. on Monday, I plan on telling him exactly how awful at communication his stinkin’ scheduler is. 😛


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  1. Lori Shugart

    Well thank goodness it is set finally. I have never heard so many problems with you trying to have surgery. That scheduler sounds like a real winner and obviously has no people skills at all. We will be thinking about you on Monday afternoon.

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