ARG!! I called my EP office yesterday because I still wasn’t convinced that the surgery is set in stone for Monday. I was right. ๐Ÿ˜ก I tried to make it sound like I believed it would be Monday and I just had a few questions (like when to stop coumadin, when to do the preop testing, etc.).

I called and talked to the NP rather than the scheduler (whom I’ve talked to at least twice a week for the last three or four weeks). When I said I didn’t know when to stop my coumadin he said “You didn’t get a packet?” Um, no. I’ve never gotten any kind of packet from them, not even the first time I had surgery. I said I also knew nothing beyond the fact that I was told the surgery would take place on Monday. I have no idea on time, even. So he said he would talk to the scheduler and find out why I hadn’t gotten this information.

A little while later he called me back (someone there actually knows how to dial a phone! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ). He said that the reason I hadn’t received a packet or any other information about the surgery is because it still isn’t 100% confirmed. I went ballistic. I said “Should I just give up and go to the Mayo Clinic? This is beyond frustrating!” He said “Well, it’s just because we’re having to get these other doctors pinned down. If it was just Dr. D you would have had the surgery already, but we don’t have any control over the other doctors.” Arg!

Do these people not understand that I have a life?? I’ve lined up a sub. N has rearranged HIS schedule. And this is the SECOND time we’ve had to do this. Only to be told it’s “not 100% confirmed” yet?!?!

I asked “When WILL it be 100% confirmed?” He said “We’re going to try to pin down Dr. D, who talks to Dr. P every day. I’ll call you in the morning.” I said “Will I actually get a phone call, or will I have to call you as usual?” He said “I will call you personally.”

I’m just SO frustrated!! I told N, if they cancel it again, I’m done with them. I will call the Mayo Clinic and try to get in over the Christmas Holiday. That way I won’t have to miss any more days of work. Of course, I have NO desire to be in MN in December! But I’ll do what I have to do if it means finally getting this stupid thing that shouldn’t have happened in the first place done!

(But on the plus side, tomorrow we see LD and the twins! ๐Ÿ˜€ )


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