Let the awkwardness begin!

So today I got my first taste of the awkwardness that is to come. You see, while I’m not in any way, shape, or form ashamed of how we are going about “getting” our kids, I don’t exactly feel an overwhelming desire to go into a full blown explanation with every stranger I meet (though I admit I occasionally do). Today I was in the teacher’s lounge for lunch and I said something to the teacher sitting next to me (who knows all about the surrogacy and knew we were pregnant) that we found out we were having twins. She was excited, squealed, and hugged me. Which brought us some attention. Another coworker in the room asked “What’s going on?” And she announced to the whole room “She’s having twins!”

Now, in no way do I have a problem with this. Everyone would find out eventually, anyway. But this is where the awkwardness began. There were two subs in the room as well. Obviously, they are not aware of our situation. Everyone else in the room knew, so no questions were asked. One of the subs said “Do twins run in your family?” I simply replied “No. It was a fertility thing.” (or something like that). A little later some people were asking our VERY pregnant coworker if she thought she’d be working right up to her due date. As she talked about how tired she’d been getting I teased “Oh, I’m sure I’ll be able to work right up to our due date!” She laughed and said “Oh, hush!” I wonder what went through the subs’ minds. 😉

Later, I was passing one of the subs in the hallway. She asked, “So how far along are you? Must not be very far” and she looked at my stomach. I just said “Only 5 weeks, so it’s still early.” Wonder what she’s going to think later in the year when she comes to our school and I’m still not showing! 😉

Now, with strangers, that’s one thing. I don’t really care if they know, I just don’t feel the need to explain every time. But the REAL awkwardness has started to crop up with the students. They’ve heard us teachers talking… And they have heard the word “baby” come up more than once. And they’re starting to ask questions. “Is Mrs. H pregnant?” Of course, no one can really figure out exactly what to say to this question, so they answer “No” (technically, the truth). Which, of course, gets some confused looks from the kids. I’ve managed to side step the question a few times, but I know I won’t be able to for long.

I don’t really have a problem with telling the kids, except for their parents. I don’t want their parents to get upset with me, you know? And I feel like I should talk with my principal before I say anything to any students, just in case. That is IF I say anything to them at all. My mom says I should just say I’m adopting. But that doesn’t feel right either. I don’t want to lie. My aide said I should write a book and read it to the kids, since they’re used to me reading to them anyway. And I might consider that. But again, how do I do it in such a way as to answer their questions, but not upset parents? I have Kindergarden through Fifth grade. I doubt I’ll have to say anything to the younger kids, but the Fifth graders are already asking… This is certainly something I’m going to have to figure out!

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