Welcome to Parenthood!

Well, apparently LD is trying to give me a taste of the years to come. The highs and lows of parenthood, so to speak…

Around 1:45 this afternoon my cell phone began to vibrate in my pocket. I had a class in the library at the time, but my traveling librarian was there today, so I was able to discretely slip away to answer it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it in time, but I did see that it was LD. Which freaked me out. Why in the world would LD call me in the middle of the day unless there was something wrong?! I immediately called her back, but got voice mail. I left a message saying I hadn’t gotten to my phone in time, but to call me back and I’d have my phone in my hand. My mind whirled, thinking what could possibly be wrong (notice it never even crossed my mind that it could be something completely innocent). Not long after the phone vibrated again. It was LD. She said she was having a lot of cramping and “twinges” in her cervix (I couldn’t even tell you what my cervix feels like!). She wanted to know if it was okay to go in to her previous OB (she’d decided to change OBs for this journey, but her old one works in the hospital where she was already for clinicals). I told her yes, of course (as had N when she called him). I immediately went to one of my coworkers just so I could share the burden. As soon as the words were out of my mouth she put her arms around me. Of course, that set me to bawling.

So for the next hour I was a mess. I could get nothing at all done. So I called N. He was amazingly calm. But I know he was nervous too. While I was talking to him my cell vibrated again. It was LD! I couldn’t answer the phone fast enough (sorry N!). The first words out of LD’s mouth were “Everything’s okay.” And the mental breath I’d been holding finally released! She said that the OB had told her that the cramping was just her uterus expanding and that the cervix twinges was just added pressure from TWO yolk sacs! šŸ˜® LD asked him why she hadn’t felt this with her previous surrogacy (she had originally been pregnant with twins, but one “vanished” around 9 weeks). He said that with that pregnancy one of the embryos wasn’t as healthy, but with this one they are both very healthy! šŸ˜€

So the emotions I’ve felt today include worry, panic, desperation, shock, fear, ecstatic, numb, giddy, proud… And a whole bunch of ’em I can’t find names for! Welcome to Parenthood, huh? šŸ˜‰



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2 responses to “Welcome to Parenthood!

  1. Lori Shugart

    Well, you know there is two now! Congratulations! Now if everything will continue to go right like it is now! WE will keep our prayers going and our fingers crossed until November 7th. And guess what ! You are going to have lots of different emotions going on! Good luck!

  2. Kathy

    CONGRATULATIONS on twins-on-the-way!!!

    I came across your siggy on a surrogate messageboard today (SMO) and saw your blog and clicked on it!

    If you are interested, I’d like to invite you to a PRIVATE online support group for IPs only. It is a small group of about 40 members who have either become parents via surrogacy, are soon-to-be parents via surrogacy (like you!!!), or some that are hoping to become parents via surrogacy someday. It is a great group and I think you would really like it there. I know, for me, it is nice to talk with people that can relate to some of the feelings/concerns I am going through.

    If you are interested, email me.

    GOOD LUCK on your surrogate journey! Nine months from now … you will be holding TWO babies in your arms!!!

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