Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. And I must say it’s a happy one. We haven’t done anything in particular, just hanging out together, but that’s enough. N said he couldn’t figure out how to top LD’s gift of a positive pregnancy test (or the Pregnancy book she sent with a note saying “Here’s a book to get you from your birthday to someone else’s!”). But I told him I didn’t need “stuff.” I’m perfectly happy with what I have.

I did get a wonderful surprise from N’s sister, though:

Yesterday we went to lunch and afterwards N suggested (completely surprising me) that we go to Babies R Us and look at baby stuff. We’ve both agreed that we will not be purchasing anything for the baby (or babies) until the end of the first trimester (which conveniently lands on Christmas Day!). But we strolled through both Babies R Us and Toys R Us looking at what today’s babies are being offered. And MAN things are different from when we were kids! 😉 I had to laugh as N took down a fancy-schmancy stroller so he could get a look at the pedometer and iPod jack on the handles! LOL I’m not kidding! Another laughable moment was when we walked past the potties. N started wondering if we could change our minds! The idea of potty training two at a time scared him. He came back around, though, when we looked at toys and rocking chairs.

Incidentally, while sitting in a couple of rocking chairs, a salesman came up to us and asked how many we wanted. I said “Oh, we’re just looking for now. We just found out two days ago that we’re expecting.” He said “Congratulations. Have you registered yet?” I told him “No, we figured we’d wait until the end of the first trimester before we do that.” After that he left us to browse on our own. It feels funny to say “we’re expecting” when it’s not me that is pregnant. I almost feel like I’m lying, though I know I’m not. I intentionally have said “we’re pregnant” or “we’re expecting” rather than “I’m pregnant” (since I’m not). I figure, if people want to misinterpret that’s not my fault, is it?

Today N and I had brunch and then went to the grocery store so we could get the fixin’s for his yummy spaghetti sauce! It’s cooking in the slow cooker as I type and it smells SOOO good! I can’t wait for dinner time! 😉 This afternoon we’ve played cards and just spent time together. This may be the last birthday that we get to do that, so I certainly can’t complain! 😉 It has been a good day. 🙂

Tomorrow LD will go in for another beta and we will then set up the appointment for our second u/s. I also hope to find out if I’ll be having my surgery on Wednesday. I’ve already gotten a sub lined up, so I sure hope they won’t be changing it again! 😛



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Lori Shugart

    Believe it or not, today is my nephew’s birthday too. So happy birthday to you! I know it is a special one too. I am glad you all went to Babies R Us to look. I bet there is a lot of new things since I have gone there. My youngest nephew is almost 17 now. Hard to believe. But Drew who is having the birthday is 24 today. Gosh! I am glad you all had a special day.Yes, you are expecting – hard to believe isn’t it? Sounds like N is one special guy and he will be a great father and you a great mother.Christmas Day! What a special day to celebrate your first trimester! Wow! It just gives me chills! I do hope you get to have your surgery on Wednesday and I can’t wait to visit with you on Monday the 3rd. Talk to you soon! Lori

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