Smiles and tears

Since everyone we know already knew we were trying to get LD pregnant, we knew it would be impossible to keep it a secret until the end of the first trimester, like most people do. So we didn’t bother. As soon as the tests showed positive on Wednesday night, we were on the phone to family and friends. There were quite a variety of responses.

My mom: “That’s great. Congratulations. Did I tell you about my day?…”
N’s mom: crying. And dancing a jig while calling her sister to spread the news (this was relayed through N’s brother).
N’s brother: N asked if he wanted to be an uncle. Possibly to twins. “Only if I get to take them to Disney World.”
N’s sister: very excited. (don’t know her exact words, since I didn’t talk to her myself)
My brother: “Congratulations.” (he’s not very verbose. 😉 )
My sister: “Yea!” (this prompted clapping from her 16 month old) “So when will the baby be due? I want to make sure I can come help.”
My Dad: “This is wonderful news. Forgive me if I hesitate to get too excited yet, but I’m very happy for you.”
N’s Dad: N asked if he wanted to be a grandpa. He said “I guess I could do that.” He also wants to meet up with us after the first u/s, since he’ll be in OK as well.
N’s Grandmother: “Oh! I’m so happy for you!”
My Grandmother: “I decided to go ahead and start working on a green blanket, so if there’s twins it can go for a boy or a girl.” (she’d told me a while back that if we had twins it had to be a boy and a girl, because she has one blue and one pink blanket already made)
My aunt: “Congratulations. So what’s next?”
My other aunt: “You make this look easy.”
N’s aunt: “I’m not old enough to be a great aunt! And my brother isn’t old enough to be a grandpa!”
N’s friend: “You’re going to name the baby after me, right?”
My friend: I don’t know what she said because N stole that phone call from me. :p But I know she was happy. She just had her baby a month ago, so we’re going to get to raise our babies together! 🙂

The next day at work I told a lot of my coworkers. Again, I got several responses, but almost all resulted in a hug. 🙂 I even found out that one of my coworkers is only a few weeks ahead of us! If we have twins, we’ll be due around the same time. I told her “So I get to watch your belly grow and pretend it’s mine, right?” 😉

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