Missing LD

Okay, I know it’s silly. But here is is two days since I was last able to talk to LD on the computer and I miss her! Actually, I was missing her yesterday too. And on Friday. I like being able to talk to her every day. I HAVE sent her a few text messages, but it’s not quite the same.

Yesterday I saw a woman with a Branson shirt on. So I texted LD “Just saw someone in a Branson shirt. It’s a sign! 😉 ” She texted back “It is!” Later I got a text from her that said “I’m not 100 percent, but I think it worked. I feel preggers!” So I emailed her later and asked what it is that she’s feeling to make her “feel preggers.” Her response was “I’m having major hot flashes. I’m also having to pee nonstop (always one of my first signs). I’m sooooooo sleepy. And I had a food aversion today. My nana ordered pork and I thought I was going to be sick. Blah!” As N said yesterday, that’s so exciting and scary at the same time!! We might be parents in less than 9 months! It’s going to be real! 😮

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One response to “Missing LD

  1. LD

    I miss you too!!!! I’ll be home tomorrow! 🙂

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