The deed is done!

This morning I think we were all a bit anxious and excited. LD even woke up before nine! 😉 We all got decked out in our green shirts (N and I wore our green Oklahoma shirts to humor LD and she wore the green “Let’s go get knocked up” shirt that I bought for her). I also had a pair of green and a pair of yellow socks, so LD and I wore one of each just to be silly (I’ll post pictures later). LD also had a glass of pineapple juice for luck (they say it helps the embryos to stick?). LD gave me a beautiful bracelet that has the words “believe,” “dream,” “trust,” “hope,” “love,” “laugh,” and “live” written on it and dangly hearts between each word. It couldn’t have been any more perfect! We’ve had a lot of ALL of those things in this journey so far and I know they will continue.

We left the house around 10:05 so we could stop by Krispy Kream for some breakfast before going down to visit a friend of ours who had a planned c-section (for TRIPLETS) set up for the same time as our transfer, at the same hospital. We were able to pop in and visit for a little while as the nurses were getting things ready for what was to come. LD rubbed her belly for luck (I told her not to rub TOO hard, as we don’t want to end up with triplets too) and we visited a little with her IPs and the babies’ grandparents. I could see that the IPs were very nervous and excited. I can only hope we will be in their shoes in 8 or so months!

When we left we still had an hour before we needed to be at the ARTS department, so we decided to go get some McDonald’s fries. We still got to the waiting room about a half hour early, but we really didn’t have to wait all that long (or at least, the time seemed to go by pretty quickly). We were all very excited, but I think I might have been the most giddy. LD and N were laughing at me and N said he couldn’t remember ever seeing me beam quite so much (oh, just you wait! 😉 ). They each had to get a picture of me bouncing in my seat.

The embryologist came in with a picture of two of our little embryos. She told us that they were “above average” and showed us the part that will become the placenta. LD said she’s never seen that in any of her previous transfers (the placenta part, not the picture). The embryologist said we had the option of transferring both of the embryos or just one of them. She said that we had a “good” chance of having twins if we put both in. I was scared to make a decision. I have said for a long time that I only want one at a time, but with the way things have been going lately the idea of twins has slowly started to grow on me. N too, apparently. In the end, we decided to transfer two because we would be happy with two, but devastated with none, so we wanted to increase our chances and put back both of them. Besides, they were just so darn cute. 😉

Dr. C showed up and we asked if both N and I could go back with them. He had no problems with that, so we suited up and were taken right back to the procedure room. We sat above LD’s head as Dr. C did the deed. We watched the monitor, but honestly I have no idea what I was looking at. I THINK I saw some bubbles traveling on the monitor, but I couldn’t tell you where they were going! 😉 The whole thing was over so fast!

LD moved over to the gurney and was taken back to our little room to wait the 30 minutes before she could get up. Her poor bladder was about to explode! We asked what time she would be allowed to get up and were told 1:35. So, needless to say, as SOON as the clock ticked over to 1:35 she told N to go find out if she could get up. I think she would have jumped over the bed rail if the nurse hadn’t come in and made her wait until she lowered the bed! 😉 As soon as LD came back from the restroom we were able to gather our things and leave. N decided we should keep the “space suits” for Halloween costumes, so we brought them home as well.

LD is now taking a nap in “her” room. While I’ve been yawning like crazy, I think my mind is still spinning a little too much to actually sleep right now. It feels so surreal. I can’t believe we made it to transfer! Waiting for the beta is going to be VERY nerve wracking!


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