Holy embryos, Batman!!!

I’ll cut to the chase, then go back for the details… I got a call from the ARTS department to tell us that they did get 20 eggs, were able to ICSI 19 of them, and as of today 16 (!) have fertilized normally. 😮 We are absolutely amazed. They will call again with an update on Sunday and the transfer will be on Tuesday (don’t have a time yet, but they said typically between 12 and 1:30).

So last night I still wasn’t sure if I could make it to work with the pain I was in. I finally decided that I would go no matter what so I could save the sick day for later. I knew it would be a fairly light day and sitting at home would probably just make me stir crazy anyway. Well, before school even started one of my coworkers was asking if I knew how many had fertilized. I told her I hadn’t heard yet and that I’d let her know once I did… She stopped by again at the end of her conference period to ask. Still nothing… She saw me again at lunch, and still nothing. She said “I don’t understand why you haven’t heard yet. If I were you I’d be calling.” So I did call. But didn’t get to talk to anyone, just leave a message. After leaving the message I called N and complained to him about not having heard anything yet. He calmed me down and made me see reason (darn him! 😉 ), then I went about trying to get some actual work done.

Only moments before I had a class coming my cell phone buzzed. It was them!!! As soon as I got off the phone I called N to tell him. His reaction was “Seriously? Sixteen? Are you sure?” When I confirmed he said “So how many ‘tuplets’ is that?” He also teased that we should tell LD we were going to transfer all of them. I said “I don’t think so!” When I got off the phone with him I texted LD to let her know. Her reaction: “Oh my goodness! Yea!” I told her N’s “tuplets” comment and she said “It ain’t happening!” LOL

Needless to say, it was hard to concentrate the rest of the day. I forced myself to get some work done, but I sure did want to go running through the halls announcing it to the world! 😉 Of course, running at that point would have been out of the question. Even if my heart allowed it, my bruised uterus would have protested. I’m still quite sore. I spent a lot of the day at my desk with a heating pad on my tummy. 😦

I got home about 45 minutes ago and LD had already updated TOSS about the embaby count. So now they’re all teasing that we’re going to have three, or even four. To them I say “pppbbbbb!” While I realize we appear to be pretty darn fertile, I refuse to think that we could end up with more than the two we’re willing to put in. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, and I don’t think we could handle a litter! I don’t want to be outnumbered! 😮


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One response to “Holy embryos, Batman!!!

  1. northtxsurro

    GOOD LUCK!! Sounds like a great fert report! I hope that you have 16 to chose from for transfer!! HERE’s to 8 months of BLISS!

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