Heart update!

I actually talked to Dr. D himself! 😮 He said he hadn’t called me sooner because he wanted to be able to give me concrete answers… So this is what he said:

First of all, he confirmed that Dr. S from Children’s will be involved. But he said that a third doctor (Dr. P) will be involved as well. He is a cardiologist at the Heart Hospital who has lots of experience with vascular issues. They will be trying first to insert a sheath around the existing lead so they can either reposition it or put a new lead in its place. If they can’t get a sheath past the occlusion (blockage) in my artery then Dr. P will go up from my groin to balloon open the occlusion long enough to get a sheath through it. They know it won’t stay open, but should at least be able to keep it open long enough to finish the procedure. If THAT doesn’t work for some reason they may have to go in through another artery on the right side, which sounded really complicated since the ICD is on the left. He says he’s hoping he won’t have to do that because he is sure I’ll probably need the right side some time in the future (didn’t like hearing that, but I guess it makes sense).

He did say we could just leave me as is and not do surgery, since there is no research saying how much the third lead helps with heart function in a case like mine. However, I know that I’ve been feeling better in the last year and I have personally seen what a difference it has made. He asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I want the surgery to be done because I don’t want to go back to getting worse every year.

So now he’s got to coordinate 3 doctors’ schedules to try and arrange my surgery. He’s thinking it will be 2-3 weeks from now. I told him I have the egg retrieval this week and transfer next week, so that will be fine. He suggested that I try calling at the beginning of next week to see if they’ve gotten it scheduled.

I feel better at least knowing that he’s doing everything he can to make sure we’re prepared for any situation. I knew he was working on it, I just wish he could have kept me updated along the way. Oh well. At least I know something now! I’ll let you know when the surgery is as soon as I find out!


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