Answering questions (ER logistics)

Since I’m actually starting to get comments from people who read, I thought I should be kind enough to answer their questions.

ER logistics: This is my understanding. Keep in mind, I’ve not been through the experience, so I’m just basing this on what I’ve learned from others and what the nurse said.

On Tuesday the nurse will let me know what time the ER will take place and what time to take my “trigger” shot. The trigger shot will have to be taken at a very specific time, as it has to be done 36 hours before the ER. I will not take any meds on Wednesday. On Thursday I will not be allowed to eat anything, just like with surgery. I will arrive at the time they tell me to, and they will get me all dressed up and put in an IV where they will feed me sedation meds. They will be “conscious sedation” which means I’ll be able to respond and stuff but I won’t remember any of it later. While I’m “under,” they will take a big honkin’ needle (which means it’s good I’m unaware!) and insert it vaginally and then through the uterine wall where they will extract the mature eggs. They will have a sonogram going this whole time to guide the needle. From what I understand, I will probably experience quite a bit of cramping following the procedure. Basically that’s my uterus saying “What the %*^% are you doing to me?!?” 😉 Everyone reacts differently, though. I’m hoping I’ll be on the mild side, but we shall see.

When they are done extracting them, they will put the eggs in petri dishes with N’s sperm (which has been frozen since May, but they will thaw on Thursday). We have decided to go ahead and do ICSI, which means they’ll actually use a needle to inject N’s sperm into my eggs. This is to give us a better chance of fertilization, and ultimately a better shot at getting LD pregnant.

The fertilized eggs will be left to grow for a few days. Depending on how things are looking, we will transfer 1-2 of them to LD either 3 days after ER or 5 days after. We’re hoping for 5 days because that means that everything is looking good. Once they are in LD’s uterus it’s just a matter of praying that at least one of the embryos stick around for the next 8+ months (which I have complete faith that at least one will). We will have to wait until 2 weeks after the ER before we will be able to have a blood test to confirm pregnancy. We’re still debating on doing home pregnancy tests (HPTs). The debate rages on! 😉

If anyone has any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask! I really do love educating others (huh… Maybe that’s why I went into education. 😉 ) and have never had a problem being completely open.


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  1. Lori Shugart

    Wow that is an interesting process. I had no idea how it was done but I’m glad you will be at least sedated. Now my question is what is a “trigger shot”? Maybe I missed it somewhere but I was just wondering. I do wish you good luck! I went for my pre-op today and got all my testing done. I am a little apprehensive but know this is for the best. I have been running around all day doing errands since I won’t be able to drive for two weeks after the procedure. I’ve been getting things together-food, dog stuff, books to read, things to keep me busy etc. I’m tired and I hurt from all the running around now.So I will say see you tomorrow.

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