Updates galore!

I’ve got both surrogacy AND heart updates today. 😀

It’s not much, but at least it’s something…

Yesterday I called Dr. P to find out if she knew anything (she did not) and to tell her to pass on the message that I really want this surgery because I don’t want to go back to getting worse every year. I truly believe that that third lead has been a huge help to my heart function over the past year. I also told her I want the device moved back to where it belongs, as it’s currently residing in my left breast (yes, I know. too much information. sorry.) and it’s very uncomfortable. She teased me about that, of course, but did tell me she’d see what she could do. I told her I hated dumping it in her lap, but she’s the only one who will actually call me back.

So today I got a phone call from Dr. P. I missed it at first (darn kindergarten!), called her back and she was on the phone, and was finally able to talk to her when she called back (thank goodness for Alison, my traveling librarian!). She asked if I’d heard from Dr. D’s office. I told her I had not. She said she’d talked to him and to Dr. S and they had finally talked to each other as well. And the current plan is to have the surgery done at the Baylor Heart Hospital and get special permission for Dr. S to come and assist. Dr. P did not know anything about timing, since Dr. D had said he wanted to talk to me about it, but he was in a procedure today. I’m going to attempt to call his office in the morning. We’ll see what happens.

Only one week until the egg retrieval!!!! 😀 😀

I had more blood drawn today. Ronda called and said that my estrogen (or estrodile?) was 829 (it was 224 on Tuesday). She said that was “very good” and told me to reduce my Gonal-F from 300 units to 225. I told her I certainly wasn’t sad to hear that! 😉 It’s so exciting to know that my body is responding well to the meds and things are looking positive. I won’t know how many folicles are warming up in there until my sono on Monday. Everyone keep your fingers crossed and the prayers up that there will be just the right number (not too many, but not too few). I can’t wait to find out! 😀


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