Almost forgot…

I almost forgot to mention that I talked to Dr. P, my cardiologist today. Because SHE calls me back, unlike SOME doctors. 😛 😉

Basically she said she didn’t know anything new yet, but would work on finding out. She said that Dr. D, the EP, had called yesterday and left a message for her to call, so hopefully she’ll get ahold of him today and have some new info for me. Part of the reason I’d called her was so that I could tell her my opinion of the situation and for her to pass that info along to the other docs involved (you know, the ones who don’t talk to ME, the patient). I said “I want them to know that I want this to be fixed. You know I don’t like surgery, but I don’t want to just leave it alone. I don’t want to go back to getting worse every year. I know the extra lead helped and I don’t want that to stop.” She was funny (she’s always joking with me) and said “What? You want me to tell them that? You’re just the patient. Why should your opinion matter?” (yes, she was kidding, so don’t worry). I told her I was sorry to drag her into it, but she’s the only person who will call me back and when I leave messages with Dr. D’s office I feel like no one ever gives him the message. She said she would pass it along.

Also, I told her that the ICD itself is in a very uncomfortable position, as it has slipped down into my boob. Yes, that’s right, my boob. 😛 And it hurts. Plus, I don’t think it’s going to be very comfortable if/when I try to induce lactation for our baby (N and I have agreed that I want to attempt to do this). I said “So no matter what, I want it moved.” Her response “What do you want moved? The device or the boob?” 😉 Can you tell I have a great relationship with her? She’s so easy to talk to and always helps put a smile on my face.

At this point I know nothing is going to happen this week (it’s a bit late). And next week is reserved for my egg retrieval. The week after that will be the transfer. If they want, I suppose we could schedule it for the latter half of that week, but we shall see. I really wish we could have just gotten it over with last week so it wouldn’t still be hanging over my head. My incisions are starting to heal and the dermabond is even starting to come off. I’m going to be healed just in time to be sliced open again! 😮 But I suppose I’m glad they are taking their time and making sure it will be done well so that we don’t end up needing yet another surgery. Ugh! The roller coaster never ends!

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  1. A doctor actually talked to you! Several years back I had a battery of test ran. Stress test, ultra sound test and some kind of ‘ecco something’ was all done in the doctors office.

    When they were all done, the most I got was one of the nurses gave me a brief description through the receptionist window. No, I am not kidding. I said ‘What if I have questions? I would like to talk to the doctor.’ The reply was that they would make me another appointment.

    All the test were in his office building and I felt that a good follow up should be part of the service. The bottom line was that the doctor is very good and very nice but only if you pay.

    George Hollis

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