Back to the grindstone

I went back to work today and I just got home. I’m about to fall asleep as I type this, I’m so tired! But I’m doing much better than I was on Friday! It really wasn’t until I got home that I crashed. I did leave a little early, though. I have been WAY more sore today than I have been. I think it’s from being upright for more of the day. I’d been feeling pretty good over the weekend, but I spent most of that time laying on the couch reading. I think gravity has been my enemy today. Oh, well.

I’m sorry to say I still have no update on my ICD saga. I tried calling Dr. D’s office and I asked if there was any new information. All I got was a “No.” Not a “Let me see if I can find out something for you.” Not a “I’m sorry.” Just “No.” I was very put out and it took about all I had to not sit in my office and cry. Of course, it probably didn’t help that I’d also just had a horrible time with kindergarten and felt like my brain had forgotten how to teach or something. I’m SO hoping my brain decides to come with me to work tomorrow. I’ve got WAY more classes to deal with tomorrow and it would help if my brain attended.

WARNING: the following may be TMI!

Today marks the second day of stim meds. I’m assuming it’s related, but I got a little bit of brown spotting today, like at the end of AF. I’d thought AF was good and gone, but I guess there was just a little left or something. I’m not too worried, though. If it continues I’ll contact Ronda or I’ll mention it tomorrow when I go in for my blood work.


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