Egg makin’

I took my first shot of Menopur this morning. It took way more prep than the lupron. First I had to draw up 1 mL of saline, then inject it into a vile with some powder in it, let that dissolve, draw it back out, put it into a second vile with powder and let that dissolve, then draw it up one more time and finally inject it into my belly. Whew! Let me tell you, pushing in 1 mL of fluid through a sub Q needle takes awhile. At least compared to the 10 units of lupron. And these needles are slightly longer than the lupron ones, so it was a bit freakier than the last 1.5 week has been. That’s okay, though. I can do it. I wonder how the Gonal F will be tonight…

N freaked me out, though. I went in and told him I’d taken my first shot of Menopur this morning. He says “I thought you didn’t start that until tonight.” I said, “No, I take the Menopur in the morning and the Gonal F at night. Remember, she said to keep them 12 hours apart.” He said “But I thought everything started at night.” I started to second guess myself. Finally, I checked the calendar. I’m right. He’s wrong. Whew!


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