Nothing new

I don’t have anything new to update. Just wanted to pop in and say I’m getting REALLY excited. Tomorrow is the first day of stim meds. I’m nervous because this means I’ll be giving myself THREE shots a day (so far it’s just been one). Fortunately, they are all sub Q, so at least they aren’t painful, but for someone who is creeped out seeing needles enter ANY flesh, it’s a bit disturbing to do to yourself. 😉

I’ve had an extremely quiet day today. I woke up at 1:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I left the bedroom and camped out on the sofa bed in our “potential baby’s room” to read a book. N came in around 6:30, not realizing I’d been up for 5 hours already. After I finished the book (around 7:15), I tried to snooze for a little bit, but my dog kept whining. First to be put up on the bed, then to go outside, then to get back on the bed… I gave up. And I’ve found that our old sofa bed in the baby’s room is the most comfortable spot in the house right now. I’m able to lie on it in such a way that my shoulder doesn’t bother me and neither does my back. So that is where I’ve spent the majority of the day. N went and got his brother around noon and they’ve been camped out in his game room all afternoon/evening and I’ve managed to read two books today. I’m about to start my third. I think my body needed this recharge. I am hoping I’ll be ready to tackle a full day of school on Monday.

Oh! And on a very happy note, my college roommie had her baby on Monday! So while I was in surgery, she was in labor. He came 5 weeks early and was only 5 lbs, but they were able to take him home on Wednesday, so that’s wonderful news. I found out that he tested “almost” jaundice and they are keeping an eye on his levels but so far his numbers are decreasing, so that’s excellent news as well. I can’t wait until I can go and visit him! 😀


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