Still clueless

I still know nothing about the ICD surgery. But I’m feeling a little better. I talked to Ronda a little while ago and she said everything is good to go for starting the stim meds on Sunday. I don’t go in again until Tuesday for blood work. I got to thinking about the fact that Dr. D’s scheduler said he is aiming for next week on the surgery. All I have to go in for next week is blood work, no sonograms. So I asked Ronda if I wind up having surgery next week, would it be possible for N to draw my blood and deliver it to them. She said that would work. So at least I know we have a contingency plan if need be. Now if I could just hear from Dr. D…


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2 responses to “Still clueless

  1. Tera

    Give Dr. D a swift kick in the shins when you see him next! From me . . . I am so aggravated for you by him . . . what a POOP! Guess you’re not his A priority this week afterall. Take care. Glad you’ll be back at work and focused on your eggs for awhile. XOXO, Tera

  2. Lori Shugart

    Well I hope you hear something soon. At least you are getting to go ahead with all your plans. That doctor does need a swift kick. I agree with Tera on that one. If you come back, maybe that is ok. But take it easy! I think my life is complicated then I read yours. Girl you have lots ahead of you but all is going to be the best for you in the end. I have to believe that too for myself. I can’t wait to see you with baby in a year . I do believe it will happen for you!
    I am thinking of you! Lori

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