No such luck

Well, I had hoped I’d hear from Dr. D tonight. No such luck. I’d also hoped I’d be going to work tomorrow. Again, no such luck. I called Dr. D’s office around 4 o’clock to see if I could find out anything. I thought it might help move things along some if I told them I was having some bleeding at the incision site (I am, but I’m not really worried about it). Well, it got them into gear, but not the way I wanted. The nurse talked to Dr. D, who had him call in an antibiotic and now I’m to report to the office tomorrow morning at 9:45. I might be able to go to work in the afternoon (I hope to), but there’s not much point to trying to go in beforehand.

You’d think the fact that I’m going in tomorrow might be a good thing and I’d find out some answers. But no. Dr. D won’t be there. He’s having his partner look at my incision. But I’m going to try to find out something. I need to be able to set up for a sub if that is needed.

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