4 AM Spotting

I woke up this morning at 4 AM needing to use the restroom and wondering if AF had decided to make an appearance. She had not. 😦 The dog also needed to answer the call of nature, so I let him out and sat on the couch with the lap top to wait for his return. While waiting I started feeling very bloated and uncomfortable. I realize this is probably TMI, but I had not had a bowel movement since Monday because of all the pain killers, so I figured things were finally starting to get moving. Having an abdominal incision makes this very difficult and uncomfortable, so I sat in the bathroom and took my time. Low and behold, not only did I finally move those bowels, but there is a bit of spotting from AF present as well. I am hoping that by my 8 AM appointment she will be completely present and accounted for so that I no longer have to stress about THAT aspect of my day… Waiting for surgery news is a different matter altogether.


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Filed under doctor's appts., hope, progress, stress, waiting

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