Killing me slowly

UGH!!! I think Dr. D’s office is trying to kill me off. I seriously do. Here it is, 5:45 on Wednesday evening and I still do not know when my surgery, that’s SUPPOSED to take place on Thursday will be. I called at 11 like he told me to. I had to leave a message. No one called me back. I got a call from someone else in his office asking me who my surgeon at the Mayo Clinic was (don’t they have this information!?!?) and if I have his #. I waited and waited to hear back. Nothing. Around 3 I tried calling his scheduler again. As soon as she found out it was me she said “I have to talk to Dr. D and I’ll call you back.” Nothing.

I had N call about 20 minutes before 5. She said she couldn’t schedule anything until she got the orders from Dr. D, but he is still waiting to hear from Mayo. WHAT?!?! When I saw him yesterday he didn’t indicate there was any question about what he would be doing. So why do we suddenly have to wait on the Mayo to call back? N asked if the surgery was still going to be tomorrow and she said she had no idea. I said “So do I eat after midnight?” And she said “Better not, just in case.” She says that someone will call me in the morning and let me know unless Dr. D calls me himself tonight.

This is SO cruel!!! How in the world is a heart patient supposed to deal with this much stress at once?!? Plus, I’m supposed to have that sono tomorrow morning (was originally Friday morning, but I changed it because I thought I’d be in the hospital) and I have to get my period before then and I think the stress is holding it at bay. 😮 I’m afraid to ask “What next?!”


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