All together now!

I know it’s gross, but I’d appreciate it if everyone would say one prayer right now, as you read this… Please pray my period gets here today. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what we will be able to do about this cycle.

I talked to Ronda this morning and told her I would be having surgery again on Thursday and would not be able to get in for my sonogram on Friday morning. I asked if it was possible to do it Friday afternoon and she said it was not because they wouldn’t have a sonographer there. She asked about Thursday morning. I said “I will be having surgery on Thursday, but he did say it would be afternoon, so I can probably make it first thing in the morning.” So that’s what we have set up. I’m to call her if anything changes.

She asked me if I’d started my period yet and I told her I had not but hoped it would come today. She said I can’t do the sono until I get my period, so against everything I’ve ever prayed before, I’m praying for it to come today. She asked me when my last BCP was and I told her it was on Sunday. She said “Yeah, you should get it today, then.” I hope she’s right. She asked me if I felt like it was coming and I told her I was so bloated from everything else I couldn’t tell. I’m going to be anxious about this all day, I’m sure.


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