Home for now

I’m sitting at home typing this… Nathan managed to get me sprung! For now. I will be going back to the hospital on Thursday to be sliced open once again… Yes, it’s true. Three days following surgery #17 will be surgery #18. 😦

Apparently the unbelievable happened. Even though the surgery to replace the atrial lead went well, somehow the hours following surgery resulted in a downward shift of the ICD, which pulled the left ventricular lead out of place. So now the doctor (who is completely baffled that this happened) is going to attempt to put it back where it belongs.

At first the doctor was going to leave me sitting in the hospital, even though he can’t get everything set up until Thursday. Nathan, in his infinite wisdom asked “So, if you’re not doing anything tomorrow, can we go home tonight and come back on Thursday?” And the doctor said “Sure!” He wrote a prescription for pain meds and when we went to pick them up he forgot to put the dosage! So I have no pain meds and I’m in pain! 😦 Fortunately, they paged my doc and we JUST got a
call saying it’s ready. Whew!

Anyway, I’ll find out tomorrow what time the surgery will be and I’ll let you all know. He said he has to rearrange his schedule to work me in. He’s supposed to be in Sherman on Thursday, but he said he’ll work it out because I’m his “A” priority this week. Then he said “Of course, you were my A priority last week too.” I said “Does that make me Double A priority?” He started to laugh and said “That’s going to be your new nickname at the office, you know.”

Thanks for all of the prayers! Keep ’em coming!

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