One step closer

I’ve been way too distracted by this whole ICD thing and not focusing enough on LD and the surrogacy (ha! N might say it’s been a welcome distraction. 😉 ). Today LD will take one more step. She is going in for her baseline sonogram. So right about the time I’m being sliced open, she’ll be getting a “thrill” from the sono wand. 😉 I already know that her uterus is “beautiful” so I’m not worried. She’s excited that she gets to go see Dr. K, her OB and monitoring Dr. I haven’t met him yet, but I look forward to it, based on everything LD has said about him. I can’t believe we’re so close to transfer! In 3 weeks our embryos will be snuggling into LD’s lining. 😀 How exciting is that?!?!

Oh, yesterday N and I had a conversation about ICSI. When we were at our teaching appointment last Wednesday it came up and I told Ronda I didn’t want to do it. She asked me why and I told her I felt like we might be fertilizing eggs that shouldn’t be fertilized and would increase the chances of passing on my CHD. N didn’t seem to agree and felt we should use the ICSI and increase our chances. Ronda said we could continue to discuss it and make our decision day-of. Well, yesterday N said he really thought we should do it. I told him it was expensive and I didn’t think it would be necessary, but he said he’d rather pay a little extra now than have to do it all over again and spend a lot more. He said “Maybe we can let them do the ICSI thing on some of the eggs and not all of them.” I told him I was pretty sure I’d read something about being able to do half and half and he said that sounded like a good compromise. That way, if there are ones that look good that we didn’t use ICSI on we could use them to make me feel better, then freeze the ICSI ones (if they’re good enough) and use them if the first try doesn’t work… I guess that sounds okay. I’m still not fond of ICSI, but I do want this to work the first time. So I’ll agree to it. In the long run, the most important thing is that we end up with a healthy baby in the end.


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