Just biding my time

I’ve had a very low key weekend thus far (and it shall remain that way). I have read, surfed the ‘net, taken naps, watched TV… The most strenuous things I’ve done have been feeding the dogs and emptying the dish washer (yes, I took it slowly). I’m so ready for tomorrow to get here. Sometimes I feel like I might be feeling more normal, then I get up and realize nothing could be farther from the truth. 😦

This morning I woke up with a migraine. I don’t know if that is lupron related, heart related, or just stress related. At any rate, it isn’t the worst migraine I’ve ever had, but it isn’t fun either. I’ve also been wondering if some of the fatigue I have been feeling could be attributed to the lupron and not just the heart stuff. It’s hard to tell. And I doubt I’ll really find out. Even after the surgery fatigue could be from the lupron, or it could be from having just undergone surgery. I may never know which symptoms are caused by which treatment.

Yesterday I used a due date calculator to figure out when our baby would be due (assuming everything works and the ER is on Oct. 9th, as planned). The due date would be July 2, 2009. And the calculator said we were -1w2d pregnant (that would be -1 week, 2 days. Though today it would be -1w1d)! 😮 I never realized that due dates were calculated from the day of last menstrual period rather than the day of ovulation/conception. So we’ll be “pregnant” before they even take my eggs! 😉 It’s so bewildering to me that in one month we will know if we are going to be parents or not.

N asked me this morning “So we’re not buying anything for the baby or nursery until after the first trimester, are we?” I said “I hadn’t planned to. Why, were you?” He said “No. I just wanted to make sure.” I said “No point in buying stuff until we’re in a ‘safe zone.'” I’m wondering if this stems from the conversation we had last night. Several times over the last few weeks we’ve discussed possible nursery themes for either a boy or a girl. N seems to really like the idea of a pirate theme for either gender. I like the possibilities, but have not ruled out other ideas. Last night an idea hit me that I think would be perfect. Crayons. It would fit into our family perfectly. N and I met because of a Smothers Brothers routine about smoking Crayolas. We call our video race team “Smoking Crayolas.” N’s website is smokingcrayolas. His screen name is frequently CrayolaSmoker. And when we were discussing names we love the idea of having the middle name of our kid (or kids) be colors, just like crayons. So a crayon theme in the nursery sounds perfect, doesn’t it? And it could be very easy (though I have yet to find any crayon bedding or fabric). Crayons are fairly easy to draw, so we could paint a border of crayons in primary colors along the ceiling. Have a crayon “fence” painted around the room, throw in some crayon accessories and whala! Easy.

I know I’m getting WAY ahead of myself. I really do need to step back and have patience. But that’s a very difficult thing to do. Especially when the only thing you really have the energy to do is lay there and think! Maybe I should try reading a book to keep my mind occupied. Though I may attempt a shower. I’m starting to be able to smell myself. Yuck. :p


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  1. Lori Shugart

    I wish you luck tomorrow and hope the surgery goes well. I think the crayon theme sounds cute and would really work. My clown outfit which I had had crayon material on it but that has been a while since that was made. You need to think about things like this so you can be positive. Well, I do have to go to school tomorrow so I best go. Lori

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