I am so relieved to have talked to someone who actually seems to be willing to step into action. N convinced me to page my cardiologist. Only a few minutes afterwards she called me and said she had been pulling out my phone number as the page came through. I told her how I’d been feeling today and how frustrated I was that I could not actually talk to the EP. She said she had talked to him this morning and he didn’t seem to know about how I was feeling (even though she talked to him after I’d called his office and left a message with a nurse). She said that she would call him tonight and see what she could find out. She also said that she had talked with him about the possibility of using the local children’s hospital for the surgery if he does not feel comfortable doing it himself. She even mentioned the name of a surgeon (though she used his first name, so I have no idea who he actually is). She said she had checked with the hospital today to find out if they would accept me, since I’m well over their normal age requirement. They indicated that they would make an exception for me. It is now after nine o’clock, so I doubt I’ll hear from her tonight, but I’m confident I’ll find out something from her tomorrow. I will make sure to call her office in the morning and let them know that I will have my cell with me and will only have one class from 12:30-1:00, so to call any time. She frequently is busy throughout the day, but I know she’ll get back to me. I’ve always had a wonderful relationship with her and trust her to help move things along as quickly as she can. I told her I felt that this needs to be done sooner rather than later based on how I’m feeling. I realize that when I talked to the EP last I was feeling okay, but that is no longer the case. Hopefully she got ahold of him today and was able to get that message through to him.

People kept asking me why I didn’t just go home today and stay home tomorrow. My answer: “Because I can feel bad at work just as easily as I can feel bad at home. Changing the location isn’t going to change how I feel. And this way I save the sick days for when I really need them, like for surgery.” N was trying to convince me to stay home tomorrow and sit at the EP office until they make some sort of decision. When I told him my reason for going to work he said “Even if you run out of sick days you can take days without pay. All I have to do is work an extra shift one week and I’ll more than make up for it.” I guess I hadn’t thought of it that way. He’s right. I’m still not staying home tomorrow, but it does make me feel a little better about using sick days. I always fear I’m going to run out (and I have on occasion). But now that N is working I guess it’s not as big a deal.

In surrogacy news, I have now taken my second shot of lupron. I do think the headaches I’ve been getting can be attributed to that, though at the moment it is the least of my worries. I hope they don’t get much worse, though!


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