Spoke too soon!

Turns out I did hear from someone, only seconds after writing that last entry. My EP himself called. I get the impression that he did not know how awful I was feeling until my cardiologist called him herself. They apparently discussed my anatomy at length and he feels that he can do the surgery himself and given that the lead has only been in for a little over a year he thinks it will come out easily. So, with all that information, he is going to rearrange his schedule to get me in for surgery on Monday morning. He said he would have fit me in tomorrow if it weren’t for my coumadin which takes a few days to get out of my system. He did say that if I am feeling way too awful I can call the answering service and the on-call doc can admit me to the hospital. But like N said, what good would that do? It’s not like sitting in the hospital doing nothing will feel any better than sitting at home. Fortunately, tomorrow is a very light day at work and I have no plans for the weekend. I will have time to make sure everything is set for a sub next week as well.

At the end of our conversation Dr. D said “Do you feel better now?” I said “Physically, no. But emotionally, yes.”

Thank you all for your prayers. God really is working here. I’m so relieved.

Now it’s time for me to get to sleep. I was heading that way when he called…

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