Loopy on Lupron?

Today’s the day I start jabbing myself with needles in the hopes of making a baby! šŸ˜‰ That sounds odd, but it’s true. I am just so relieved and excited that we are going to be able to continue with our plans and won’t have to put things off.

Everyone kept saying to me “Even if it doesn’t happen now, it will, so just don’t worry about it. Put your health first.” Yes, I knew that, but where does it say I can’t be angry and upset that it might be pushed off? No where. Even God never said we weren’t allowed to question Him or be angry. And just because I was doesn’t mean I don’t trust Him to do what is best. I do trust Him. I know He is the one who has been lining everything up for us and has gotten us to this point. But just like I can be angry or upset with my husband for being late almost everywhere we go, that doesn’t mean I don’t love or trust him anymore. Emotions are not logical. Just because someone says “Don’t worry, it will happen” doesn’t mean that you can just go “Oh, okay. I’ll turn off that emotion now.”

Anyway, back to the happiness. šŸ˜€ My appointment is at 2:30 this afternoon. I told the EP that and he is going to try to talk to Dr. C before then. He said that “Unless Dr. C throws me a curve ball, I don’t see why you can’t go forward with the egg harvest.” Also, he said he would call me this afternoon and let me know what he needs me to do as far as an x-ray or any other tests before we make our final decision on when/where.

Time to head off to work! Thanks for all the prayers!!!!


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One response to “Loopy on Lupron?

  1. Tera

    Oh Niki girl, I hadn’t read you blog since last Sunday and HOLY COW!!! Have you ever had a week of craziness going on. As always, you are in my prayers: you’re right they can/do work wonders. And you’re also right that emotions don’t make sense . . . you cannot shut them off, so don’t you even try! You’re coping and that’s how you’ll get through this little “hiccup” (as I come to call them). Keep coping, keep praying, and continue to be excited and hopeful about the harvest. Getting you 100% before baby H makes an appearance is #1 priority and you always have/will do just that. You’re gonna do great through all this and the incredible support network you have around you will help too. Please don’t ever forget that I’m in that “network” too . . . will always be. As usual, if there is ANYTHING I/we can do to help out (house or doggy sit, groceries, food, errands, a friend to come with you to appt’s, a friend to talk to . . . ANYTHING), you know how to reach me. Anytime, anywhere my friend. Stay bright and hopeful. God’s miracle that he reminds of us when the rain seems to never end is the rainbow we see at the end of it all. Remember the rainbow . . . love ya! Tera

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