Talked to EP!!!!

Whew! I didn’t think I would end up knowing anything today, but I just got off the phone with the EP and I feel much better. I don’t know a lot, but at least I know what he’s thinking and looking at before making his decision rather than feeling like he’s ignoring me.

So here’s the deal:

He doesn’t have ALL of my data right now. Yesterday he had the new data at the hospital, but not my history data. Then he accidentally left it over there and couldn’t get it today because he was at clinic all day. So today he had my old data, but not the new data. Tomorrow he hopes to have ALL the data and himself in one place so he can get a better picture.

But he did tell me there were two ways this could unfold.

1. We could insert another lead into the same spot as the old one, without removing the old one. The problem with this is that it might cause problems in that artery, such as clots or blockage. Not good.

2. We can extract the old lead and insert a new one. The problem with this is that all my scar tissue could make it difficult to extract the lead and a laser might be needed to “cut” it out, which could cause damage to the other leads and lead to needing them replaced.

So either option could have issues. However, since my lead has only been in there for a year and a half he’s a bit more optimistic that extracting the lead will not require the laser. He wants to get a better picture of what he would be dealing with, so he’s going to have me get an x-ray (not sure when) and might do a cardiac cath (also not sure when). He says he will not do the procedure himself unless he is 95% sure that he would be successful. At this time he thinks he can do it, though he does plan to talk to Mayo, just to get their interpretation. He told me that if I wanted it done at Mayo he wouldn’t be offended. I told him, no, I’d rather have it here. He told me he would make sure to call me tomorrow with the game plan.

Now, after saying all of that I told him I was going to throw one more kink in the works. I informed him that I am supposed to start medications tomorrow for an IVF cycle with a surrogate. He asked me when the egg retrieval would be and I told him it is tentatively set for October 9th. He said that in the worst case scenario we wait until after that to do the surgery, but to go ahead and go through with the egg retrieval as planned. I don’t particularly relish waiting that long, but at least I’ll get to go through with the surrogacy cycle as planned. He does intend to call my RE to make sure that everything will be okay, but does not anticipate any problems. That is a huge load off of my mind.

So I’m pretty much still clueless, but at least I’m a little less frantic.

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