Still with the waiting…

I finally got a call from my EP office. Right now we’re waiting to hear back from the Mayo Clinic, so we won’t know anything until at least tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll get back to us quickly and it won’t push this into next week. I really want to get this over with for multiple reasons. One, I hate the waiting. Two, I feel like crap. and Three, I hate waiting! 😉

On a plus side, I did talk to Ronda at Dr. C’s office. I felt I should give them a heads up and I wanted to ask if she felt this would delay our cycle. Right now she is saying we can probably still continue as planned, as long as N and I can come in for our appointment on Wednesday (so far not looking like a problem). She assured me that the lupron will not effect my heart and said that they could send that info to my EP if he needs it. However, she did say that we needed to wait until I found out the game plan before we decided anything for sure (completely understandable) and for me to call when I got that info. Who knows, I may SEE her before I know anything! Anyway, we’re going to continue as planned until we find out otherwise (which, hopefully, we won’t!). LD takes her last BCP tomorrow, and I double checked to see if that would be a problem if we had to delay a bit and Ronda said no. So regardless, LD will continue on the lupron and discontinue BCP after tomorrow. Now we just have to figure out me! (Can you just see me loopy on lupron while also undergoing the stress of surgery?!? Poor N!)


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