What was that???

Yesterday morning I was sitting in the living room typing away on the computer when I heard an electronic beeping coming from (I thought) the kitchen. I called out to N (who was in his game room at the time) and said “What was that noise?” He had not heard a noise and looked at me like I was crazy when I tried to replicate the noise (“do-do, do-do, do-do”). I forgot all about it, since it didn’t happen again…

That is, until this morning. I was laying in bed next to N when I heard the sound again (this time, obviously not coming from the kitchen). I said “There’s that noise again! Do you hear it?” This time he did, but faintly. Suddenly it dawned on us both… The sound was coming from me! 😮 My defibrillator is set up to emit a sound if it has had to shock me in the night or if something is wrong so that I know to call it in to my doctor. Now, my defibrillator has never gone off in the 18 months that I’ve had it. And quite frankly I never really expected it to (or at least hoped). But now, apparently, something has happened, even though I’m completely unaware as to what. I will say that I’ve been pretending for the last 5 days to not notice my heart jumping around in rhythm throughout the week. But I know I wouldn’t have been able to ignore a shock! At least, not a “big” one. So I’m wondering what it is that set off the warning sound.

I’ve sent a reading to CareLink (a service that can read the electronic data saved in my defibrillator through the telephone lines), and called my EP office. I hope to hear back from the on call EP some time today. I don’t know if I should call in for a sub tomorrow to make sure I get in to see the EP or if this is no big deal. Needless to say, I’m a bit freaked out. More because I don’t want to be dealing with this RIGHT NOW. I don’t want it to delay our cycle. N says he doesn’t think it will, but that’s my biggest fear. Please pray that whatever happened will be a quick and easy fix and won’t prevent me from starting lupron on Wednesday!


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