Dang it!

Sh*t. I just got another phone call from the on call doc. She was able to get in to the office and read my CareLink report. Come to find out, it looks like I might have a fractured atrial lead. 😦 Don’t ask me how in the world this could have happened. I haven’t done anything that should have done any damage to a lead.

I will find out tomorrow morning when I go in to the doctor’s what we will need to do. She said my EP would have to determine if I need to get the lead replaced here or at the Mayo Clinic. Please, God, don’t make me go back to the Mayo Clinic! No offense to MN, but I had hoped I wouldn’t be back there for a very long time. 😦 😦 This is SO unfair! I hope this doesn’t mean a postponement of our surrogacy plans!

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Filed under doctor's appts., emotions, heart, stress

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