We have liftoff!

LD has just completed her first shot of lupron. Am I completely weird that I was nervous and I’m not even there? šŸ˜‰ Actually, it was SO funny. She got online and told me she was about to do it. So I wrote back “I’m holding my breath with you.” So a few seconds later I get this: “It’s D here. Try not to pass out, she’s takin’ a while.” I busted out laughing! N goes “What’s so funny?” But I was laughing too hard to tell him. He kept going “What?!” Finally I caught my breath enough to tell him. He just rolled his eyes. He doesn’t get it. By that time I got a message from D saying “You can breathe now.” Then LD got on and said “It’s LD now. All done!” And now I feel like a big huge dork because I’m grinning from ear to ear just because my bestest friend poked herself with a needle for me. I love my LD!!! (((hugs))) šŸ˜€

Now I just have to wait for a week from today for MY shots!

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