Today’s delivery

I’m now the proud possessor of a bunch of drugs… Not sure how to use them, but I’ve got a box full. 😉

I have:

1 dose of Ovidrel (trigger shot?)
20 vials of Menopur (stims?)
5 boxes of Multi-Dose Gonal-F 450 (from C)
1 box of Multi-Dose Gonal-F 1050
1 Lupron kit (starts 9/17)
and TONS of syringes!

The first pic is the box of what was delivered. The second is combined with the drugs I got from C.

From what I’ve gathered reading about others’ experiences with getting their meds, it’s “normal” to be excited… Guess I’m NORMAL! (that’s unusual. 😉 ) 😀 Now I just have to be patient (ha!) and wait for 9/17 so I can learn how to use all this stuff. For those who are counting, that’s 18 days away. 😉

I’m HOPING that N and I can go visit LD and family before then. I miss her! I know I talk to her almost every day, but I just love her so much I wish she was my next door neighbor so I could SEE her every day too. 😉 I’ve asked N to look at his schedule and decide if he’d rather go 9/7 or 9/13. I hope to know that answer tonight.

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