Getting closer…

LD texted me today to say AF had snuck up on her (she expected her tomorrow). So she called Ronda and will be starting BCP on Sunday. Ronda will be getting a calendar to us early next week. This evening she said that AF disappeared, though. I’m fairly certain it will return by tomorrow, so I don’t think it will throw us off much. I can’t believe we might actually get a calendar in a few days! 😀 Things are going to start flying by, I’m sure. And with school starting up, we’ll be super busy. That’s good and bad. Good because we can keep our minds off the “hurry up and wait” game. Bad because it means working around schedules. But fortunately, LD says that Ronda will be trying to work things around her nursing school schedule. She has clinicals and a major test the first week of October. I’m glad Ronda thinks she can maneuver things around that. I’d hate to make things difficult in that regard. Even if she does say it’s okay. 🙂


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