Wholehearted support

Today was a very pleasant day. We had convocation for our School District today, so our school staff met and rode a bus to the Special Events Center. While on the bus waiting to leave the coworker sitting next to me happened to say “I wonder who’s red VW Beetle that is over there.” I said “It’s mine.” And she started asking me questions about it because she says she would love to get one. I made a comment that I love my bug and hope I get to keep it after we “get our kid.” A coworker who was sitting in the seat in front of us turned around and said “Oh? Are you getting a kid?” I said “Hopefully. We’re working on it.” She asked if we were adopting and I said that we were actually going to be using a surrogate. Her eyes lit up and she said it was so exciting and asked if it was okay to ask questions. I said “I love to talk about it. Ask away!” So she started asking questions and the people in the seat next to us turned and joined the conversation. I soon had the attention of about 6-8 people around us.

Every single one of them was nothing but supportive and EXCITED for us. 😀 They asked me to keep them updated as things progressed. One asked if I was keeping a journal or diary of all of this and I told her I actually had a blog. Several asked for the link so they could keep up with things even if they don’t see me often. They also offered prayers, which I am ALWAYS willing to accept! 😉

I have to say that I am SO pleased with the support I have gotten from everyone I have talked to about the surrogacy journey. It is amazing to me that others I know have had negative responses, as I’ve encountered nothing but excitement from all fronts. I’m thankful for that. I would hate to think I’d have to hide this huge part of our lives from the people I work with. I hope, if they read this, they know how much I appreciate them. 🙂


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