Missing my stand-in baby

W went home last night. 😦 I miss him!!! He was exhausting at first, but it got easier as the week progressed. By the time his parents came to get him I wanted to keep him forever. He’s such a laid back baby and so happy all the time. N loved having him here as well and said “If our kid is half as easy to take care of as W, we’ll be lucky!” The added bonus to having kept him for this week showed me that I can adjust to the mommy lifestyle. I wasn’t so sure after the week with him in April, since I was working AND taking care of him. Of course, I’ll apparently still be working some, but it shouldn’t be as bad as it was in April, since that was a week I was at a conference too, which is super exhausting by itself. Also, N was GREAT with him. He took care of him without complaint and frequently did things for him without my even asking. Granted, I still fed him all meals and gave him his bath every day, but that was mostly because I wanted to. I feel confident that N will occasionally when it’s our child.

Tomorrow I go back to work. 😦 I don’t work on Wednesday, but I’ve got a ton of errands to run, so it looks like things are going to be busy from here on out. Hopefully that will keep my mind of things. I SHOULD be starting AF by the end of the week or early next week. At which point I’ll be starting BCP and we’ll be getting the IVF train started. I am so freakin’ excited and nervous all at the same time! Is it really possible that we could be parents this time next year??? 😀


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