Meeting more family

Friday LD came flew in, we had lunch with my dad and his wife, then we drove together to my sister’s (a 4 hour drive). I think the only people LD has left to meet in my family is my grandparents, my aunt/uncle/cousins who live in California, and N’s grandmother and aunt (they were on a cruise the last time she came in). This weekend she got to meet my dad and his wife, my sister, BIL, nephew, brother, and SIL. She also got to meet my college roommate. 🙂 The fact that people are finally meeting her seems to be making it more real for them. They’ve been asking questions about the process and how it will all work. It’s been kind of fun educating them about the process.

We drove back to my house yesterday with an extra passenger. My nephew. W will be staying with us while my sister is at a conference. Then on Friday my sister and BIL will come here and stay the weekend so they can see the parts of the family that live up here, then they’ll head back with W in tow on Monday. I’ve only had W for one whole day and he is really going to wear me out! 😉 But that’s okay. I’ve enjoyed every minute. He’s been such a happy baby (okay, he’s 14 months) pretty much the whole time. He’s had a couple of minor melt downs, but for the most part they’ve been super easy to take care of. The biggest one was last night when I went to give him his bath. For some reason he REALLY didn’t like it. Which is odd, because typically he likes bath time. Perhaps it was the fact that I was not his dad and taking a bath in a different place must mean he’s not going home? I don’t know. At any rate, it only took a few minutes to get him calmed down and then he was splashing in the bath and having a great time.

Today LD goes back home. 😦 I’ll be driving her to the airport this afternoon. I’ve loved having her here, but I know she misses her family (and they miss her). I’m going to be sad for her to go, but at least I’ll have W as a distraction! 😉

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