Getting ahead of ourselves?

I’m sure this is a conversation that every couple that has made the decision to try for a baby has had at one point or another. But here we are, still 2+ months away from transfer and MAYBE getting pregnant, and we’ve had to address the question of my job next school year. No matter when we manage to get LD pregnant, I will have to make my decision (and a change) before next summer. We THINK we’ve come up with a pretty good solution, assuming things line up the way we want them to. We think it would work best if I do job share, which means that I would work at my same job as a school librarian, but only work 5 days every 2 weeks. That way N can arrange his schedule to be three different days and we wouldn’t have to send the baby to day care or have to pay a nanny. Also, I’d get to keep my insurance. (N also thinks that this will help me be more likely to go back to work full time later. šŸ˜‰ )

My only concern with this is that I’m not real fond of my principal. So I’m hoping that one of three things happens: 1. my principal leaves for another job (this is my favorite option), 2. I can find a job share position at another school, or 3. my principal miraculously becomes a compassionate human being (unlikely to happen). At least I’ve got a little time before this will be an issue. I’ll probably start talking to my supervisor after the first trimester to find out what she thinks about my chances of being able to job share. That’s still a LONG way away (it seems), so I’m going to try to just be satisfied that N and I were able to come up with a compromise we both seem to agree on. Of course, who knows if we’ll wind up changing our mind later…


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