Moving right along

Wow. Once we get started it’s like every time we turn around another step is being taken! 🙂

Friday was the day N and I flew home from our Florida trip. It was also the day AF decided to make her appearance. This was a surprise to me, as I had not expected her until Monday. But I’m not complaining. Unfortunately, this meant trying to get ahold of Dr. C’s office on a Friday while traveling (which meant having my phone off for much of the day). The two times I got through to a person (the phone was busy for some odd reason several times that I tried) I got the answering service! I don’t know where to office people were. Anyway, I left messages to call LD, since she’d be more likely to be able to answer the phone. Well, Dr. C called her, but NOT because of my phone call! He was calling her to tell her the results from her blood work (there was something that showed up that we’re 99% sure is a lab error, but he wants it to be checked again Monday, just in case). LD told Dr. C that I’d been trying to get ahold of him and so he called me as I was buckling my seat belt on the plane! I spoke with him briefly– he told me to start taking BCP on Sunday and call his nurse on Monday– and was about to turn off my phone when LD called. 😮 She was freaking out a little about the blood work but I told her not to worry as we were all certain it was just a fluke. I then spent the next 7 hours on various airplanes and in airports. It was an exhausting day, to say the least.

When I got home I had over 250 emails to fish through. One of which was from LD telling me the contracts are done! Woo hoo! She will bring them with her in August and we’ll get them signed. 🙂 Only 12 days to go! 😉

However, I also bought a few paintings while I was in Florida and since LD’s DH works in framing and can get us a discount, I may be going up to see them some time this week. 😀 Any excuse, right? 😉

So tomorrow LD will get her repeat blood work done (I feel awful that she has to go through that AGAIN!) and I will call Dr. C’s nurse to find out when LD will start on BCP and what all I need to do (if anything). Some days I feel like transfer is forever away, then other days I feel like we’re speeding through this process! Each step is a little bit closer! 🙂


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