She’s here! :-)

LD is here! I picked her up this morning, we went to church, she met my aunt, uncle, MIL, BIL, and N’s best friend. N used his brand new smoker (I’ll have to tell that story some other time) to make smoked brisket… YUMMY! Everyone is getting along great. N and K (his best friend) are currently trying to get our wireless network to work with LD’s lap top… They’ve been at it for a couple of hours… N’s father and step-mom are on their way over right now so they can meet LD. It’s been a great (and busy!) day. I am so glad she’s here! 🙂 Tomorrow should be a whirlwind as well. We’ll be meeting some TOSS girls for lunch at 11, we have the appt. with Dr. C at 1, then we’re thinking of stopping to visit a TOSS member at her house (she has newborn triplets!) before we head up to OK where I’ll (finally) meet her kids. 🙂

Have I mentioned how much I love LD? 😉 I am so glad we get along so great. She and N have been giving each other a hard time, but it’s all in fun. K has joined right in (as per his usual) and it’s like we’ve all been friends forever. I can’t wait for transfer day!!! 😉

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