Screening results

I heard from Dr. C’s nurse today with the results of N’s testing. All of his FDA screening labs came back great. Even better, he is NOT a carrier of CF! 🙂 Which means we don’t have to worry about that, thank goodness.

However, she also said that N’s sperm count was lower than Dr. C likes to see and he’s recommending doing ICSI to increase our fertilization chances. This came as quite a surprise, as neither of us had any reason to think there would be anything “wrong” with N. She said the sperm count wasn’t LOW, just not as high as Dr. C likes… She also said that the sperm looked good (good mobility, no abnormalities, etc.), just that there weren’t as many as Dr. C would like. So now I need to do some research on ICSI!

Inch by inch we’re getting closer!!! Only 11 days to LD’s appointment! 🙂

Tomorrow LD and I are meeting up in Sulpher, OK so we can spend the afternoon together. We haven’t physically seen each other since Spring Break in March! 😮 I can’t wait!


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